LNG/L-CNG Gas Station

Multi-function LPG stations:

Besides filling LNG to converted LNG vehicles and small volume transportation cylinders, It can also provide gas to converted CNG vehicles such as
standard stations and secondary CNG fueling  stations.

Usually, the compressor gas station nned heavy investment and high operation cost.Comparatively,L-CNG station station build cost is also high,but the operation cost is much lower than tradition CNG station.This is because it has been tranform from air phase into liquid state with much energy from gas liquifaction plant.It is boosted in liquid state  after arriving at gas station, while  the liquid is hardly compressed.The required energy that a certain amount LNG boosted to 25MPa through  plunger pump equals to 1/6~1/8 the same amount air compressed to 25MPa.

LNG/CNG Skid-mounted Gas Station Introduction
1. LNG and LCNG are combine into one process. integrate pressure-increasing equipment are integrated into one skid;Both LNG and CNG are supplied to meet the requirements of users and market;
2、The system includes:LNG storage tanks, pipe valves, booster pumps, high pressure vaporizers, storage cylinder groups, a PLC control system, gas dispensers etc;
3、 The system is controlled by PLC programs;there is also a computer master control system to monitor, regulate operation  parameters, and it also have the function of data collection, amendment , statistics, transmission, report printing etc.
4、Key equipment, valves, parts adopts the first grade products from home and abroad. Chemical process pipe uses static vacuum forming tube or PIR thermal insulation pipe insulation materials to assure overall performance.