Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is a member of Luxi Group and committed to the production, installation, research and development of natural gas equipment. We have more than fifty professional technicians and solid quality assurance system, besides, qualifications we have:
A1, A2, B1, B3, C2 and C3 grade pressure vessel manufacturing;
GB1, GC1 and GC2 pressure tube installation.
Certificates we have acquired:
GB/T19001, GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 management system, ISO international standard(BV), container ADR, TPED, Russia’s GOST, Singapore’s MOM, US ASME.

Established in August of 2008, Luxi New Energy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is located in Liaocheng Economic Development Zone and has a registered capital of 128 million RMB. We are now investing 2 billion to build a new LNG & CNG equipment industrial park, which will be a new boost to this industry.

Our company adopts the most advanced production line equipment, which includes large stamping machines, automatic numerical control veneer reeling machine, numerical control welding machine, vacuum units, numerical spinning convergent and bottom equipment, automatic heat treatment equipment, numerical winding equipment and electrostatic spraying equipment. besides, we have advanced detection equipments which include helium mass spectrometer leak detector, spectrum analyzer, automatic ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray digital image system, universal material testing machine and impact testing machine, etc.

Our responsibility: protect the environment and sustainable development; Our focus: research and development, production and installation of green and clean new energy equipment.Our long-term aim: to be a first-class, international brand and very competitive company.

Our main products:
LNG serial products:
Cryogenic tanker, Cryogenic tank, Fuel supply system for Vessel, Skid-mounted device, Cylinder for Vehicle, Cryogenic thermal-isolated welded Cylinder, Tank Container
CNG serial products:
Long cylinder Trailer, bundle Container, Tank set for Storage Station, Various Cylinders for Vehicle, Cluster device for Cylinder, Pressure adapter, Seamless Steel Container with large Capacity, Steel Container with wrapped Glass Fiber Surface.
Our company offers design and installation solutions for LNG and CNG gas station, and also cover transport and installation service for gas related industries.

Our products enjoy a good reputation in domestic market and are exported to countries and areas like Russia, Central Asia, South America, South Africa, SE Asia and the Middle East, etc.