No-Pump LNG Fueling Station Introduction

Gangyuan LNG level-3 standard station, Hebei Province

Xide L-CNG level-3 station, Hebei Province

Level-3 standard station, Henan Province

Ruanjiang level-3 station, Hunan Province

Liye L-CNG level-3 station, Neimenggu Province

Meidong CNG station, Neimenggu Province

Yinchuan level-3 station, Ningxia Province

Shengrong LNG level-2 station, Shandong Province

Jintang LNG level-3 standard station, Shanxi Province

Wanrong LNG level-3 standard station, Shanxi Province

No-Pump LNG Fueling Station Introduction
The no-pump LNG fueling station includes an LNG storage tank, an LNG filling cylinder and an LNG vaporizer. LNG filling cylinder connects with liquid outlet pipe which has an liquid outlet valve and a vaporizer on it. The gas outlet of filling cylinder vaporizer is linked to LNG filling cylinder. The filling cylinder is connected to the storage tank through LNG gas outlet pipe and liquid inlet pipe. This process design is safe and reliable, and need no power equipment to unload LNG tankers and fill vehicles. Through optimized design of LNG tanker capacity and working pressure to reduce or eliminate the chance of vaporizer leakage.

No-pump LNG Fueling Flowchart