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 3.Shandong Lunan Equipment manufacturing Corporation Limited Company Visit Our Company

July 31st,The general manager Mr.Jing Dapeng, vice general manager Mr.Tian Anlu, Mr.Cheng Zhaohan and Strategic Development Department Mr.Cao Chuanfa from Shandong Lunan Equipment Manufacturing Corporation Limited Company, general manager Mr.Chai Xinming form Shandong Mingrui Special Equipment Limited Company, and Mr.Meng Xianglin form Zhaozhuang Changxing New Energy Equipment Limited Company visit our company. General manager Mr.Wang Fujiang accompanied.

Mr. Wang introduced to the guests of company development, development model and future business planning. Combined with the recent market conditions Mr. Wang introduced the sale condition. Guests gave a high evaluation on our rapid development and standardized management. And hope that the two sides proceed from a strategic height and long-term benefits,

to  purchaser further exchanges and cooperation in all aspects, to achieve win-win cooperation on both sides.Through this exchange with Lunan Equipment Manufacturing Limited Company. The two sides established closer relationship. It played a positive role in promoting deeper cooperation.