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International Trade Equipment Department of LUXI Group Took Part in the 9th Natural Gas Vehicles & Infrastructure Indonesia Forum and Exhibition


Summary:March 19 -20, 9th Natural Gas Vehicles & Infra...
March 19 -20, 9th Natural Gas Vehicles & Infrastructure Indonesia Forum and Exhibition held in the Jakarta Dharmawangsa Hotel of Indonesian capital, attracted Malaysia, Singapore, China and other countries, more than 30 exhibitors. International Trade Equipment department of LUXI Group participated in the exhibition. Group Vice President, International Trade minister Zhang Wen, the LUXI New Energy Equipment Group general manager Wang Fujiang went to the exhibition.

The booth, 18 square meters, is one of the largest exhibitor booths. It had attracted a large number of exhibitors. LUXI New Energy Equipment Group have Grade-A with chemical engineering, gas engineering design qualification, A1, A2, A3, B1, B3, C2, C3 grade pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, GB1, GB2, GC1, GC2, GD1 pressure pipeline installation qualification, overseas engineering qualification, and have passed the GB / T19001, GB / T24001, GB / T28001 management system, ISO international product (BV), container ADR, TPED, Russian GOST, Singapore MOM, American ASME certification. The company's products with excellent quality, professional and technical services, sale annually increases. The products not only has achieved a good reputation in the domestic, but also exported to Russia, the five Central Asian countries as well as South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and some other countries or regions.

During the exhibition, we introduced to the visitors in detail and answered all kind questions raised by customers. We totally received about 40 customers (mostly foreign clients in Southeast Asia). Gas market is mostly industrial users, they demand for the bundle containers, pressure regulating device, cluster devices and mobile skid sub-stations and other products.

This exhibition shows good image of our company and strong capacity of LUXI equipment manufacturing, and has laid foundation for the international market in Southeast Asia.